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The only way to learn about, sample, and choose the best rated coffees from Honduras’ most experienced growers.

We started this new design service for our growers and buyers as a sustainable development asset, searching for simpler processes, closer engagement, more connectivity and better value.

Back in January, our entire specialty coffee community (growers, buyers, roasters, strategic partners and funders) in Marcala, and around the world agreed that the use of technology platforms to connect our coffee to the world will further develop our positioning, performance reach, in the specialty coffee’s global sector.

At the very tip of this strategy, leading the way, is our people, reputation and trajectory. Both in the region, and abroad.

We provide technical assistance and capacity building to our growers. Develop strategic alliances to implement programs and projects, to tackle all aspects of sustainable development around our coffee and our communities. More than 15000 families in 19 regions.

Across the world, in more than 20 countries, we have developed strong relations with hundreds of buyers and partners, based on equality, friendship, top quality services and products.

In this time of complexity and endurance, the DO Marcala Global Auction 2020 evolved rapidly. From an innovative service for our producers and buyers to the most important strategy of regional resilience.

We like to welcome you to the First Global Auction of Specialty Coffee DO Marcala, a sustainable economic accelerator, the right and fair tool to re-link the coffee value chain in our region. And the ideal platform to keep our business open and growing, towards a better future for all coffee lovers everywhere.

Reaching our markets by reconnecting and sharing value, in a safe and fair way.

How our auction came about

36 ways to interpret coffee excellence

36 unique relations of superb outcomes

DO MARCALA proudly presents the final selection of lots from our producers for the 2020 Global Auction.

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An SCA protocol is a qualifiable recommended process that the standards committee has agreed upon. This protocol was systematically implemented by our evaluating Q graders.
The Final Score is calculated by first summing the individual scores given for each of the primary attributes. Defects are then subtracted from the ``Total Score`` to arrive at a ``Final Score.``

Our Q Graders Team

The selection and scoring process was performed in the most transparent and efficient way.
Our group of certified and experienced experts applied global standards and local knowledge to select and rate the finest coffees produced this year. Further sessions prior to the auction will again test and reassure the reputation and quality of each lot. Meet our Graders.

Our Growers

The diverse notes of taste and personality of our coffees can only be match by the diversity of our growers. Young entrepreneurs, couples, families, pioneers, associations, and entire generations, from 19 local communities are offering us today their lifetimes of mystique, wisdom, and experience. In balance with the fertile Montecillos Mountain Range lands and ecosistems.

Our Coffees

Coffee with fruity and sweet fragrances, its acidity is lively and bright, with an orange and peach flavor, creating a vibrant drink with an inky aftertaste and a velvety body.
The varieties that have been authorized for protected products in the region are: Arabica or “typica”, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pamaca, Pacas and Villa Sarchis. The profile of the average cup of coffee was defined through a sampling process. Well-processed and prepared green coffee, with a fresh smell, size and homogeneous color-Light Olive Green.
Micro & Nano Lots
Regions Represented
SCAA Scores
Auction Date

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The best coffee in the world, with pronounced citric acidity and a spectacular aroma from the DO Café Marcala.