Gerardo Javier Peñalva

Las Flores, Marcala
Score: 93.00

Coffee varieties: Geisha

Farm’s Name: Azul Esmeralda

Property’s location: Las Flores, Marcala

Height: 1600 msnm

Lot Number: DOSI2020-016

Lot Size: 63.48 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s process: Aerobic Fermentation

Coffee Profile

Coffee with fragrances of flowers and honey, with delicate notes of lemon, jasmine and roses with the characteristic citrus flavor of the DO Café Marcala region.
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My Story

I am Gerardo Peñalva, a coffee producer. After years of hard work, effort and new projects that looked to improve the quality of natural coffee, honey and washing processes.

I’m delighted to offer you its fruits under the name of Peñalva Special Coffee. Peñalva Special Coffee guarantees its exquisiteness, we offer a flavor and aroma that transports us to the beautiful days of the past, where our passion for coffee began.