Iris Suyapa Chicas

Santa Ana, La Paz
Score: 89.19

Coffee varieties: Parainema, Bourbon

Farm’s Name: Las Huertas

Property’s location: Santa Ana, La Paz

Height: 1650 msnm

Crops in association with coffee: Fruits

Lot Number: DOSI2020-020

Lot Size: 750 Lbs of green coffee

Lot Size: 750 Lbs of green coffee

Lot Size: 731.2 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s process: Natural

Coffee Profile

This coffee has a wine, cocoa aroma with a sweet fizz. Its flavor is cocoa with hints of wine and details of tamarind and pineapple that flatters the palate.
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My Story

The entire family is involved with a lot of dedication and passion. We see our work not only as a business, but also as the opportunity to share and connect with others. Our grains go through various levels of quality control, from fertilization which is done with organic matter, taking advantage of the microclimates of the mountains, up to the beneficiary, in which we try to give a suitable fermentation point to the bean and be able to treat it, whether as natural, roasted or washed coffee.