Jesús Mariano Nolasco

Las Pilas, Chinacla
Score: 86.63

Coffee varieties: Catuaí , Pache

Farm’s Name: Gosen

Property’s location: Las Pilas, Chinacla

Height: 1385 msnm

Lot Number: DOSI2020-004

Lot Size: 312 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s process: Natural

Coffee Profile

Coffee with fragrances of honey and chocolate, with notes of fruit and cocoa, it has a sweet and juicy taste of mellow fruits and honey details.
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My Story

Gonsen means place of ¨Blessing¨, my land has been operating since 2015, since then we have worked with my wife and children, we are committed to maintain and care for this company, with great social and environmental responsibility produce high quality coffee everyday . Our coffee has been an opportunity to generate employment and support for social works such as drinking water projects, repair of infrastructure, roads in the community.