Juan Carlos Amaya Rodríguez

Las Huertas, Santa Ana
Score: 88.00

Coffee varieties: PARAINEMA, BOURBON

Farm’s name: Finca las Huertas

Property’s location: Las Huertas, Santa Ana

Height: 1680 msnm

Crops in association with coffee: Fruits and timber trees.

Lot Number: DOSI2020-018

Lot Size :  840 Lbs of green coffee

Lot Size :  840 Lbs of green coffee

Lot Size :  837.2 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s  process: Natural

Coffee Profile

This coffee has a cocoa aroma combined with fruit, and soft hints of honey and wine. Its flavor evokes  wine and mellow  fruits, juicy with honey.
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My Story

My story is not only mine, but it goes back to the first peolple  of the region who grew coffee and now to my family. Coffee for us is not only a product, it is life, friendship, traceability, trust, quality and at  the end, as my grandfather said, heritage and tradition. We apply a traceability system that allows us to assure buyers that they are tasting exceptional coffee from a single source.