María Catalina Márquez

San José, La Paz, Honduras
Score: 88.69

Coffee varieties: Geisha Esmeralda Brote Verde

Farm’s Name: El Granadillo

Property’s location: San José, La Paz, Honduras

Height: 1600 msnm

Lot Number: DOSI2020-025

Lot Size: 143.33 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s process: Washed

Coffee Profile

An exquisite coffee flavored as caramel and honey with a touch of citric flowers. In its flavor the lemon tree stands out with flowers and hints of chamomile and honey.
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My Story

By starting as a coffee cutter and learning about the care of the beans, my land has grown sustainably, in harmony with the environment thanks to perseverance.

Until 2015 I started as a specialty coffee producer, registering with the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE), and associating myself with the Cafés Especiales Pule Lenca cooperative (CAFEL).