Otoniel Castillo Corea

El Playón, Ajuterique, Comayagua
Score: 87.44

Coffee varieties: IHCAFE-90

Farm’s Name: La Fuente

Property’s location: El Playón, Ajuterique, Comayagua

Height: 1850 msnm

Lot Number: DOSI2020-021

Lot Size: 698.18 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s process: Washed

Coffee Profile

Coffee with aromas of caramel and citrus with notes of honey. With a creamy caramel flavor and details of passion fruit and citrus.
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My Story

With the high quality of my coffee I have participated in the cup of excellence for the last 3 years, managing to pass the first round and also had the opportunity to participate in two special coffee events, obtaining in the first year two awards and managing to sell my coffee in the Asian and American market, having the certainty of the quality of my coffee, today I am among the top 40 coffees in the region and ready for you.