Rosalina Calix

Las Breas, Cabañas, La Paz
Score: 86.44

Coffee varieties: Catuaí

Farm’s Name: Las Rosas

Property’s location: Las Breas, Cabañas, La Paz

Height: 1650 mts

Lot Number: DOSI2020-034

Lot Size: 881.82 Lbs of green coffee

Coffee’s process: Washed

Coffee Profile

With a citric and slightly sweet fragrance, with hints of honey and caramel. Its flavor evokes panela with small citric details and a creamy delicious caramel flavor.
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My Story

The history of our coffee is marked by resilience. Every time we have encountered an obstacle we overcome it ; rust and other adverse conditions. We begin the production of coffee and basic grains in a traditional way until today we make the beneficiary, we are dedicated to looking for new alternatives for the commercialization of coffee in the national and international market, as well as achieving fair prices for our quality.